TCU Daily Skiff


4/20/11 Parent’s should watch what they eat, for children’s sake

4/19/11 Breakups hurt, literally

4/18/11 New nutricional rules long overdue

4/12/11 Faster speed limits require perfect drivers

4/11/11 Don’t throw out the books just yet

4/7/11 Alcohol is a choice with consequences 

4/6/11 New ads promote American pastime 

3/30/11 MetaWatch allows users to be both polite, a spy

3/29/11 XXX domain necessary for safe surfing

3/23/11 Internet offers valuable exchange of ideas

3/22/11 Gender neutral language is overkill

3/8/11 Both sides should use caution when admitting students based on social media

3/7/11 Mobile etiquette is a necessary courtesy

3/3/11 Limbaugh’s comments on First Lady’s diet unwarranted

3/2/11 Class should be as practice to do well

2/23/11 Pro: Required sonogram before abortion

2/22/11 Technology lacks perfection, but so do humans

2/10/11 Students should put down phones while walking

2/7/11 Preventative software can’t stop all kinds of cheating

1/25/11 Clickers force students to be more accountable

1/20/11 Jaywalkers should consider others time

1/12/11 Dallas ordinance doesn’t help homelessness


12/2/10 Debt collectors use Facebook to harras

11/11/10 Pregnancies can be avoided via life choices, not contraceptives 

11/2/10 Reality TV show glamorizes teen pregnancy 

10/21/10 Fewer than 10 percent of TCU students take gap year 

10/13/10 TCU bookstore to offer sweat shop-free items

9/30/10 Freshman housing rate at an all-time national high