TCU 360


3/19/13 Company looking to hire students for moving

3/4/13 Rifle team one of few all-female teams

2/23/13 TCU rifle to return to national championships

2/18/13 New program aims to increase student donations

2/15/13 Rifle to compete for shot at national championships Saturday

1/31/13 TCU women’s rifle travel to UTEP

1/30/13 Construction impacts shuttle route


8/22/12 Student tailgating developing on campus

8/9/12 New food truck opening on campus

8/1/12 Police Report: TCU quarterback Casey Pachall admitted failing drug test

7/27/12 Former student receives probation for TCU Drug Arrests

7/26/12 Ed Wesley signs with the Cowboys

7/25/12 Off-campus robbery alert issued

7/24/12 Market Square to receive updates in time for school

7/24/12 Parking lots to be restriped

7/24/12 Update: three receive probation from TCU Drug Arrests

7/19/12 Frogs headed to the Olympics

7/16/12 7 things to do in Fort Worth this weekend- July 16-18

7/5/12 7 things to do in Fort Worth this weekend- July 5-7

7/5/12 TCU expands graduate programs, no intention of law school

7/1/12 TCU parties into the Big 12

6/28/12 Former chancellor undergoing cancer treatment, doing well

6/28/12 Two freshmen swimmers to compete at Olympic Trials

6/28/12 7 things to do in Fort Worth this weekend June 29-July 1

6/28/12 Flag half-staff for former chemistry professor

6/26/12 Former athletic director to receive national award

6/25/12 Schieffer School professor catches Hamilton’s bat

6/8/12 7 things to do in Fort Worth this weekend-June 8-10

6/5/12 Berry Street, University Drive to close for construction

6/1/12 7 things to do in Fort Worth this weekend

5/31/12 Campaign for TCU ends after 7 years

5/29/12 Carter Wall, Ed Wesley removed from TCU Football roster

5/25/12 Country artist to perform at TCU during Opening Week

5/25/12 7 things to do in Fort Worth this weekend

5/18/12 7 things to do in Fort Worth this weekend 

5/14/12 Nursing students graduate in style 

5/3/12 Bike thefts on campus on the rise

4/26/12 SGA reruns College of Education elections, classes

4/18/12 House of Student Representative election results in, revote coming

4/16/12 House of Student Representatives elections end today

3/29/12 Former KTCU station manager dies

3/20/12 Library to be renovated 

3/17/12 TCU warns students about Spring Break travel 

3/1/12 Worker stabbed at Vue construction site

3/1/12 August off-campus sexual assault won’t be prosecuted 

3/1/12 Collective Dreams to release first album this month

2/28/12 150 people expected to participate in blood drive today

2/27/12 Blood drive set for Tuesday

2/23/12 Students arrested in drug bust separated, not suspended

2/23/12 VITALS offers ‘Root-Beer Flip Cup’ event

2/17/12 Two crime alerts on campus this week

2/17/12 Chancellor Boschini discusses drug bust

2/16/12 Police round up 16 TCU students in drug dealing; one at large

2/14/12 Career expo prepares students for post-grad life

2/10/12 Country music artist stops by KTCU 

2/6/12 Halperin uses social media to connect with fans

2/6/12 Police: Student assaulted on campus 

1/28/12 Woman arrested in University Dr. accident

1/26/12 Student creates study abroad program 

1/26/12 Number of transfer students down from 2011

1/17/12 TCU app now available for Android phones

1/16/12 Police: student death was an ‘apparent suicide

1/10/12 Football season tickets to be discussed tonight


11/29/11 Patterson unsure if Evans will play Saturday

11/21/11 TCU kicker Ross Evans arrested

11/18/11 Occupy Amon shirts sold on campus

11/16/11 Reasons behind tuition increase explained

11/16/11 Increase planned for need-based financial aid

11/16/11 Chancellor plans to attend Occupy Sadler

11/15/11 TCU tuition to go up 6.5% in 2012-2013

11/10/11 Students can still snag the job

11/7/11 Faculty Senate unanimously passes wireless resolution

11/2/11 Faculty Senate to review wireless access resolution

10/25/11 Reports: West Virginia moves to the Big 12

10/24/11 TCU jumps five spots in sexual health rankings

10/20/11 Homecoming events are on a roll

10/17/11 Students bring sunglass line to campus

10/13/11 Big 12 move sells tickets

10/13/11 Nominees for Mr. and Ms. TCU announced

10/9/11 A&M’s schedule a potential inheritance for TCU

10/6/11 Timeline of TCU’s conference changes

10/6/11 Alumni, students, faculty react to TCU’s move to the Big 12

10/2/11 Academically focused, singing fraternity begins on campus

9/29/11 Is the Big 12 in motion again? 

9/28/11 TCU to sell bonds for Worth Hills construction

9/27/11 TCU’s Wes Wagoner named SMU’s dean of undergraduate admissions

9/26/11 Halperin releases ‘Rise and Fall’

9/23/11 Expect warm weather against Portland State

9/21/11 TCU prepares for flu season

9/20/11 USA TODAY: Big East football schools met Tuesday

9/19/11 “Living Wage” line supported by not recognized 

9/16/11 Chance of rain for first home game

9/14/11 FWPD officer and horse on campus

9/13/11 New charity founded by TCU baseball coach Schlossnagle 

9/12/11 Slideshow: The Fray, Tim Halperin a hit at TCU

9/1/11 Newsweek: TCU excels at partying, athletics, beauty 


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