Student Press Law Center

Winter 2013 25 years later, a look at one generation under Hazelwood

Winter 2013 Different rules: High school administrators seek stricter regulations for online publications

Winter 2013 Michigan law clinic educates students on First Amendment rights

12/10/12 Oklahoma State administrators defend handling of sexual assault investigation

12/7/12 State attorney general upholds University of Kentucky decision to withhold records

11/30/12 Ohio editors recover most of stolen papers

11/20/12 University of Maryland approved move to Big 10 in closed session

11/16/12 After review, student radio club will be allowed back on air in December

11/15/12 Colorado parents, student upset about districts ban on memorial page

11/14/14 Foreign exchange student threatened with expulsion for interview can finish semester

11/8/12 Newspapers stolen after North Alabama newspaper writes about fraternity event

11/7/12 New Jersey bill protects college student’s social media usernames, passwords

11/2/12 Georgia colleges may close disciplinary hearings

10/26/12 UNC will release records as part of settlement in FERPA case

10/23/12 Oregon high school asks administration for papers back

10/19/12 Texas cheerleaders can keep religious banners, judge rules

10/19/12 Minnesota teens fight ban on yearbook pages

10/12/12 Salt Lake Tribune wins release of records documenting coach’s inappropriate relationships

10/10/12 Judge recommends against prohibition against religious-theme fliers at school

9/28/12 SPJ approves resolution supporting legal efforts to end FERPA

9/28/12 Amid breastfeeding professor controversy, American University discusses student media role

9/28/12 Athletic department threatens to revoke student magazines press credentials over its livetweeting

9/26/12 Proposed Michigan bill would limit fees for public records

9/25/12 Media groups join briefs in support of opening N.C. private police records

9/21/12 Texas cheerleaders fight to keep religious banners at football games

9/20/12 Student radio club still in limbo as university operates station, continues investigation

9/19/12 Illinois seniors won’t be punished for not following homecoming spirit week

9/19/12 Student newspapers at Calif. community colleges hit by budget cuts

9/19/12 Former D.C. adviser believes newspaper’s content influenced firing decision

9/11/12 Florida colleges ask court to revisit FERPA case involving student who complained about professor

9/10/12 Judge won’t dismiss lawsuit accusing Minnesota school of demanding sixth-grader’s Facebook password

9/7/12 Daily Texan newspaper boxes will be allowed outside new journalism school