Here are my clips:

3/4/2014 Digital strategy all the buzz in the primaries

2/20/2014 Deputy indicted on murder charge in death of Mathew Jackson 

2/13/14 Police find body of missing woman, Leanne Bearden

2/2/14 Unusual friends: Inmates train guide dogs for the blind 

1/19/14 Woman keeps cruising to 102

9/4/13 Couple works through crime cleaning business together

2/14/13 Texas bill would legalize gay marriage

Winter 2013 25 years later, a look at one generation under Hazelwood

10/19/12 Minnesota teens fight ban on yearbook pages

8/1/12 Police Report: TCU quarterback Casey Pachall admitted failing drug test

2/16/12 Police round up 16 TCU students in drug dealing; one at large